Photographs are best memorable things you ever had. Now with the great advancement in the technology, there are different professional cameras too with best ever results. There are also different options of taking photographs too like mobiles, digital cameras, tablets etc. You can capture the best movements of you travelling trip that will always remind you the beautiful memories.

There are some tips according to which you can take the best professional pictures:

·         Make sure that your camera is at level and then for best results stop moving. You want to be as still as possible when shooting to avoid blurred images. Hold your camera with both hands and be stable or use      a tripod.

·         While taking a photograph, you want to make it as simple as possible for the person looking at it to figure out the subject and focal point of the image.

·         While taking the photo especially of landscape always keep in mind about the different fundamentals elements in the foreground, mid ground, and background of the shot.

·         To compose a creative, balanced and beautiful photograph split he big back ground and focus on small elements. This will definitely give you all the minor details.

·        To take professional and best shots there is a term used faming. It means to frame or focus the subject you are trying to capture, point up to the viewer what the shot is of and drawing their eyes into the             scene.

·        Color is really important in taking pictures, mainly how different colors work well together. You can see these colors matching and contrast in a color wheel. Usually opposite colors in the wheel harmonize              each     other very well. Usually a perfect 100% balancing is not necessary. A small percentage can work as well.

·        Capturing people in a city or country can be used as a back story to your shot. Mainly when the person is showing a different culture or tradition. This will definitely add memories and always memorize you           the beautiful things.

·        It necessary to edit the pictures for giving those effects or a perfect look. But always keep in mind that don’t over edit the pictures as it never gives a natural and perfect look.

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